Kohenet Annie Matan



Shining light in the dark places in us, our community, our world and raising us up with LOVE

Kohenet Annie Matan



Shining light in the dark places in us, our community, our world and raising us up with LOVE

We are creating the world of our dreams with our choices and our actions every day.

I believe that loving everybody, beginning with ourselves, and including those we love, those we don’t like, those who make us uncomfortable and even those who make us angry is the hardest and most important work in the world today.
I believe that the way forward is to honour those who came before and build a society that celebrates diversity and leverages everyone’s gifts to support the whole community.

Kohenet Annie Matan

Spiritual Leader, Founder of Matanot Lev

I am a Jewish, Feminist, Queer, Kohenet Hebrew Priestess and Mama.

I use my Priestess training and ordination to challenge patriarchy, lead women’s circles, co-create and facilitate rituals and experiences of inclusive, welcoming, brave, sacred space for people of all ages and backgrounds, especially change makers – individuals and organizations,  Interfaith families and couples and LGBTQ+ folks, and us woo-folks like priestesses, witches, psychics, healers, and empaths.

I am the Founder and Spiritual Leader of Matanot Lev | Gifts of the Heart, Toronto’s radically inclusive, post halakhic Jewish community. We prioritize people and meaning over rules and structure.

I am here for seekers who are yearning for and ready to be fully accepted

There are no bystanders. We are all in the room for a reason.

Each sacred space I facilitate, and every talk I give, is founded on the principle that everyone present is an active participant, changed by the experience.
There are no bystanders.
There is no back row.
At weddings, funerals, baby welcomings, coming-out ceremonies, vigils, rallies, Shabbat dinners, unpartnerings, staff meetings, coming-of-age ceremonies, we are all in the room for a reason.
 I believe that we are all God/dess. That our hands are Her hands, our voices are Her voice.

I believe in prioritizing people and connection, over structure and being “right”.

As a Kohenet Hebrew Priestess, I am an ordained clergy of a new/old methodology in Judaism that recalls ancient Jewish women’s traditions, prays in the feminine, explores the holiness of nature in Judaism, and brings intention and meaning into day-to-day life.

I am a singer of blues, folk and rock, blessings and truths. I have spent years immersing myself in Jewish learning, community and experiences. I am grounded on the path God/dess has chosen for me.

If these values resonate with you and you are seeking support, I am here with you. Let’s talk.


I offer one-on-one Intuitive Spiritual Guidance and Mentorship for intuitives, psychics, priestesses, witches, empaths, healers, mediums, wizards, who are awakening into or opening up to your power. I help you find safety, ease, protection, strength, and joy in your gifts. I help you level up. I help you feel seen, heard and held as your whole self.

I lead co-created, deeply-supported Rituals, like weddings, baby welcomings, funerals, coming-out ceremonies, un-partnerings,  coming-of-age experiences.

I speak on creating inclusive, sacred space in all businesses, organizations (secular and religious) and communities, and lead facilitated community experiences in the same.

I am currently based in Toronto and while my focus is here, I do travel to your location and offer online programs and guidance.

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Spiritual Guidance

Are you feeling on the verge of a big change in your life? I offer intuitive Spiritual Guidance to support you to become your most self.

Wedding Officiating

Are you getting married in 2019? I am available to co-create and officiate your wedding! As a non-rabbi Jewish Spiritual Leader in the Toronto community, I can serve couples of all backgrounds with ease and joy to have a wedding ceremony that is woven with the values of both of you and your families.

Sacred Community

Whether in women’s Red Tent gatherings or at Matanot Lev | Gifts of the Heart Shabbat and holy day experiences, if you are hungry for community, acceptance and  belonging, you are invited. You belong here. You can have it for real.


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Annie presided at the naming ceremony for my granddaughter. It was a very meaningful and artful blessing for everyone. I loved the creative, respectful and inspiring way Annie brought the deepest truth of love, ritual and Spirit together. Our baby Bina will be covered and held in her Jewish and Christian traditions with the blessing to explore the wonder of all creation. Thank you, Annie!

Wendy Maclean

Minister, United Church

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