About Me

About Me

I am Annie Matan.

I am a licensed, professional Officiant with the Centre for Spiritual Living and a Kohenet Hebrew Priestess with 12 years of experience officiating spiritual weddings for interfaith, LGBTQ+, Jewish, Polyamorous, and otherwise out-of-the-box folks.
I bring my extensive database of traditional and creative liturgy, songs, writings and ritual tools to tailor your wedding to your unique relationship and personalities.

I am passionate about supporting families through the journey of preparing for marriage as well as planning a ceremony.

As a non-rabbi Jewish Spiritual Leader in the Toronto community, I can serve interfaith couples with ease and joy to have a wedding ceremony that is woven with the values of those getting married and your families.

I might be your ideal wedding officiant if:

  • you’re getting married in Toronto.
  • you’re looking for a Jewish officiant for your interfaith wedding who wants the partners to be fully involved and present in your co-created ceremony, without leaving any part of you behind.
  • you’re Queer or Polyamorous and want an officiant who can relate and weave a ceremony with all the right pronouns and nuance for your unique partnership.
  • you want a ceremony that you and everyone you invite will recognize as uniquely you, beautiful, meaningful, relevant, and joyful.
  • you want a wedding ceremony that your bubbe and your partner’s Atheist/Christian/Sikh/Finnish (etc.) dad will love and feel proud to be a part of.
  • you want an officiant who is interested in your whole selves, families, work and home lives, understanding that this journey is a holistic one.
  • you want an officiant who doesn’t want you to settle for what you think “should” be done.
  • the ceremony is the most important part of your wedding day to you. 

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