The Priestess is IN

New Moon Red Tent Circle


In this intimate online gathering, we release what doesn’t serve us and sow the seeds of our intention that will manifest through our daily thoughts and actions as the moon waxes.

A space to just BE.

It’s not a workshop, simply a warm and safe space to gather and share. There will be facilitation by Kohenet Annie Matan and the idea is to honour each of the women in the circle and the magic that’s created in the spaces between us.

  • This circle is open to all women*. If you need a brave space to connect with other wise women, this circle is for you, whether you have a menstural cycle or not.

  • Meets monthly on Saturdays, from 7:30-9:30 PM on Zoom. Upcoming dates are: Dec 19, Jan 16, Feb 13, Mar 13, & Apr 10.

  • Ongoing enrollment. Join when you want the extra support.

Questions? Click HERE to email me.

*Our community explicitly includes trans women.

Sliding scale payment options are $30 – $18 – $10 per month. Click button below to pay the amount that is right for you (monthly subscription available.) Zoom link will be sent once payment is received.

Living from the Heart

Living from the Heart is a facilitated journey through our collective evolution. Our weekly Red Tent women’s* circle is a brave space where we are seen, heard, and held for who we are and to become our most courageous, vulnerable, and authentic selves. Here, we challenge the internalized programming of White Supremacy, Patriarchy, and Colonialism that shaped us and support each other in becoming aware of our conditioning and unlearning it. As we free ourselves, we reprogram our nervous systems, rewire our brains and heal our ancestral lines. 

Harness the power of the individual and collective experience to create the world of our dreams in our lifetime, right now.

This experience will fill our cups. When we are fully resourced, we overflow. And with the overflow, we resource others. When we are fully resourced we thrive and when we each get to thrive, we all get to thrive. In community, as a collective, in kinship. Right now.


  • Ongoing enrollment. Join when you want the extra support.
  • Sliding scale: $136 – $77 – $44 CAD per month.

* Our community explicitly includes trans women.

Intuitive Spiritual Guidance

A one-on-one experience of channelled support for you, through a priestess, from your guides.

I use tarot and oracle cards and channelled messages to help you get clear on what you want, where you’re going, and what next steps feel good.

This is for you if you are in transition, if you need help making a big decision, if you are coming into your own intuitive gifts, or if you are in a leadership position and you need spiritual support.

Three options available:


    Transformation Reading:

    90 minutes

    Spacious exploration of what feels off and how to realign to your soul’s calling and get your life moving with ease and energy. Leave feeling clear, aligned and empowered to move forward.

    One-on-one Intuitive Spiritual Guidance including a recording of your session.

    Recording included. 

    Sliding Scale: $300 – $222 – $177 CAD 

    Book your session now.

    Flash of Insight Reading

    30 minutes

    Feels like a flash of insight! A quick dip in your spiritual well that brings clarity peace and ease for where you are right NOW. One-on-one, online Spiritual Guidance and card reading.

    Recording included.

    Sliding scale: $100 – $77 – $44 CAD

    Book your session now.

    Personal Priestess

    Ongoing support for integrating your magickal superpowers into your everyday life. For psychics, mediums, witches, intuitives, who want to own and use your gifts safely and powerfully to level up your own life and the world.

    Ongoing Spiritual Guidance and mentorship. 4 month minimum commitment.

    Sliding Scale: $1111 – $777 – $444 CAD per month.

    Learn more.

    “Annie poured out a torrent of wisdom and insight, with so many useful and wonderful, and soothing and interesting messages, all sourced directly from the Divine.
    I am floored by how on-point Annie was about every piece of information and advice, and I am especially grateful for the high level of consciousness, awareness, and connected-ness that guided our conversation.”


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