Wedding Officiating

Weaving wedding experiences that celebrate all you are

Wedding Officiating

Weaving wedding experiences that celebrate all you are

Be supported and celebrated in your journey toward your wedding day.

Choose a wedding that feels like you. In your own words about each other, God/dess, marriage, spirituality and tradition. An experience that holds you and welcomes your family and community as they celebrate the next step on your journey together.

Co-creating your Toronto wedding ceremony, woven with your values 

For interfaith, LGBTQ+, Jewish and

folks of all backgrounds who want a customized, non-traditional spiritual ceremony

I might be your ideal wedding officiant if:

  • you’re getting married in Toronto.
  • you’re looking for a Jewish officiant for your interfaith wedding who wants the partners to be fully involved and present in your co-created ceremony, without leaving any part of you behind.
  • you’re Queer or Polyamorous and want an officiant who can relate and weave a ceremony with all the right pronouns and nuance for your unique partnership.
  • you want a ceremony that you and everyone you invite will recognize as uniquely you, beautiful, meaningful, relevant, and joyful.
  • you want a wedding ceremony that your bubbe and your partner’s Atheist/Christian/Sikh/Finnish (etc.) dad will love and feel proud to be a part of.
  • you want an officiant who is interested in your whole selves, families, work and home lives, understanding that this journey is a holistic one.
  • you want an officiant who doesn’t want you to settle for what you think “should” be done.
  • the ceremony is the most important part of your wedding day to you. 

Make your wedding the meaningful and memorable experience you want it to be.

I am Annie Matan.

I am a licensed Officiant with the Centre for Spiritual Living and a Kohenet Hebrew Priestess with 12 years of experience officiating spiritual weddings for interfaith, LGBTQ+, Jewish, Polyamorous, and otherwise out-of-the-box folks.
I bring my extensive database of traditional and creative liturgy, songs, writings and ritual tools to tailor your wedding to your unique relationship and personalities.

I am passionate about supporting families through the journey of preparing for marriage as well as planning a ceremony.

s a non-rabbi Jewish Spiritual Leader in the Toronto community, I can serve interfaith couples with ease and joy to have a wedding ceremony that is woven with the values of those getting married and your families.


Simple & Soulful Wedding

            In Toronto:                 $1111.00 plus transportation

Personal Priestess Wedding

            In Toronto:                 $1999.00 plus transportation

            Out of town:               Ask for pricing


Simple & Soulful Wedding Journey

  • Co-creation process with email support and meetings in person, by zoom or by phone including:
    • one session with partners for beginning the journey*
    • online wedding questionnaire
    • guidance for applying for marriage license
    • ceremony co-creation session (up to 90 minutes)**
    • customized, spiritual ceremony woven with your stories and prayers, poems, songs, rituals and intentions from my wide and varied database and experience 
    • final check-in meeting in the last 2 weeks before the wedding day*
    • facilitation of wedding ceremony
    • legal signing and handling of marriage with the Ontario Registrar’s office

Your Investment: $1111


Personal Priestess Wedding Journey

  • includes all of the above plus:
    • 90-minute content weaving interviews – one with each partner to get to know language and beliefs about marriage, spirituality, and each other (instead of the questionnaire) *
    • an additional 60-minute ceremony co-creation session with the partners*
    • up to 3 Spiritual Guidance sessions for support through the journey towards marriage as well as other life transitions (e.g. relationship counselling, new job, moving, new baby, family dynamics and more.) *
    • “First Look” or Bedekin ceremony on the wedding day (or other ritual support to a max of 3 hours total of officiating or $222.00 per each additional hour or portion thereof and must be prearranged)
    • vendors and resource recommendations for the wedding and marriage preparation

Your Investment: $1999

Payment plans available.

These services are available on request:

  • co-creation or editing of spiritual marriage contract (Ketubah)
  • text for programme book/explanation of Jewish customs
  • ceremony co-creation and coordination sessions with civil or spiritual co-officiants (if applicable) 
  • calls with family members (as needed) 
  • planning calls with other members of the wedding team

Investment: $222 per service or meeting


*Until further notice, all meetings are taking place on Zoom or by phone.

**All additional meetings: $222.00 per hour payable at the time of the meeting.

If you’d like to explore co-creating a deeply meaningful, inclusive and uplifiting ceremony with me, we begin with a conversation. Let’s talk.


Click the button below to schedule a call with me to see if working together is a fit.


My daughter was married in a blended ceremony of the Jewish and Christian traditions, with Annie Matan as our Jewish officiant. I think this was probably the most meaningful, moving, inclusive, uplifting ceremony that I have ever witnessed.

Indeed people of both faiths at the wedding kept remarking over and over just how unusual and wonderful it was.

On the simplest level, Annie respected and brought to life fully the wishes of my daughter and son-in-law. But more than that, she made a packed room feel like an intimate gathering: filling the room with the spirits of beloved father and grandparents who had passed away; encouraging guests to share openly the love and good wishes they felt for the couple; gently explaining Jewish tradition to those not of the Jewish faith; showing those of the Jewish faith how our old traditions can be revised and renewed to be relevant in our own time and place; making people feel so at home with her beautiful singing that we, too, joined in joyously and lovingly.

Annie’s fresh approach brought both humour and weight to the ceremony. She cared deeply, not only to express the richness and emotion of the Jewish tradition but also to work hand-in-glove with the Christian officiant to celebrate and officiate as a team – honouring each other’s role and the religions of both families.

The next day my daughter and son-in-law told me that the ceremony was better than either of them had ever imagined. I have been to a few weddings in my time, as had most everyone at the wedding, and we all agreed, this was very special. I cannot recommend Annie highly enough.

Phyllis Cohen

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