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Living from the Heart is a facilitated journey from Summer Solstice to Winter Solstice. Our weekly Red Tent womxn’s* circle is a brave space where we are seen, heard, and held for who we are and to become our most courageous, vulnerable, and authentic selves.

Harness the power of the individual and collective experience to create the world of our dreams in our lifetime, right now.

This experience will fill our cups. When we are fully resourced, we overflow. And with the overflow, we resource others.

Together we rise. 
Together we lift us all.
Together we heal and transform the world.️

We start June 25! 

* Womxn = cis, trans, and BIWOC.

The Living From the Heart Solstice to Solstice experience includes:

Weekly Red Tent circles on Zoom from Summer to Winter Solstice, opening our hearts to specific themes around radical compassion each week, drawing on our lived experience.
These face-to-face gatherings will:

  • meet on Thursday nights from 7:30 – 9:30 PM ET weekly from June 25 – December 17
  • open our hearts
  • support us all
  • facilitate a brave space for sharing
  • foster connection
  • be woven with spiritual guidance
  • collectively dream the world we want to see RIGHT NOW. 

Private Living from the Heart Facebook community for those of us on this heart-opening journey.
The Facebook community experience will include:

  • Regular, 1-hour, Zoom spiritual guidance and sharing about how the radical compassion themes are showing up for us (recordings will be posted in the Facebook group for those who cannot make it for the live session.)
  • Weekly card readings for our group with blessings and messages
  • a space for members to share our experiences, gratitude, learning and prayers through this time

BONUS option to include monthly one-on-one 30-minute Intuitive Spiritual Guidance session

Cost to participate (CAD):


Full Living from the Heart Solstice to Solstice experience PLUS Spiritual Guidance includes:
  • Weekly Red Tents
  • Private Facebook Community and
  • BONUS monthly 30-minute Intuitive Spiritual Guidance


Full Living from the Heart Solstice to Solstice experience includes:
  • Weekly Red Tents
  • Private Facebook Community 


Living from the Heart Solstice to Solstice Red Tents ONLY includes:
  • Weekly Red Tents


Living from the Heart Solstice to Solstice Private Facebook Community ONLY includes:
  • Private Facebook Community

Pay What You Can Afford.

No one will be turned away due to financial need. If you cannot pay the full price, just pay what you can afford.

Pay it forward!

Feel free to pay a little extra (or a lot) to help cover the cost for someone who needs to pay less.

Email me to make alternate payment arrangements.